Fine Art Photography
Currently Artist in Residence at ESCG
Shortlisted for the Platform Graduate Award

Leanne Jones-Starr’ work aims to capture images that have a connection to memories and the self. Leanne prefers to use the camera as her tool to aid this as fundamentally the camera since its existence has been used to preserve, capture, and aid our memories. Leanne likes to use fine art photography to not only capture memories but to use light and shadow to enhance the mood and emotion captured in the image.
Leanne also has a keen interest in how objects can be loaded with memories and just like how a photograph can have special meaning, so to can the objects we cherish. Leanne likes to explore what memories mean to the individual and is interested in the psychology of how we remember and collate those memories and how these relate to the self, do our memories make us who we are?
Leanne’s interest in memories also led her to explore the idea of the uncanny and what makes an individual have this unnerving feeling, this is an area of human experience that early philosophers like Freud were interested in, without our memories the uncanny would not exist as it is our memory and that familiarity of the unfamiliar that creates the unnerving uncanny feeling not dissimilar to the feeling of deja-vu. Leanne likes to use familiar objects and surroundings and then adds an awkwardness to her work moving it away from a snapshot of a moment, using light and shadows to question the viewer as to what it is they are looking at as she believes this aids to the uncanny feeling.